Don't be fooled…. You might be getting a low price someplace else, but wouldn't you also want to rest at night knowing your decision was based on accurate information and included a complete report that answers all the questions?

It is vitally important that you find out detailed and accurate information before signing a contract with your New Tenants or signing on a new Employee. Taking chances of a poor background check, or worse, "NO CHECK", can put your safety as well as your resources at risk. Affordable Background Checks, LLC. provides you with years of experience AND peace of mind.

Affordable Background Checks offers a large menu of research data that includes criminal checks, credit checks, renter eviction searches, driving records, employment background checks, drug testing and educational checks to name just a few. The extensive menu of research covers both domestic and foreign data checks - as well as local information.

Affordable Background Checks will also offer a security building inspection that reviews any issues that might be waiting in the future.

If you are worried about drug abuse in the home or office, Affordable Background Checks provides drug screening services. A "negative report is a positive report". How comforting to know that your loved ones are safe and clean.

Affordable Background Checks also offers DNA checks with a quick turnaround, offering accurate screenings by using state of the art technology. The service is offered in the privacy of your own home.

Running background checks when you hire a nanny for your children or a babysitter is just smart. For the same price others charge, Affordable Background Checks takes the background checks one step further. We verify the information is correct and detailed. We care about your loved ones and people trusted with the intimate details of your household.

We also offer a unique program for volunteer organizations. For both the protection of the staff and the organization, what could be more important then knowing your valuable resources are protected by a quick background screening?

We are partnered with a premiere, national provider of online background screenings and drug testing that creates a unique partnership, providing a comprehensive database that is continually updated daily. We pride our self with;

  • Convenience and Speed - Access results online around the clock.

  • Responsive Support - Experienced staff available by phone and email to answer all your questions.

  • Regulatory Protection - Our compliance officers stay current with regulatory changes and updates, including all FCRA requirements.

Every client working with Affordable Background Checks enjoys the confidence of knowing we are quick to start your project, pay attention to detail and stay on budget.

Take the first step now - call us for more information on how our background screening services can protect you, your family and your business. Let us help save you time, money and worry.

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